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iOS 7 live clock and overview

I recently just got my hands on a beta version of Apple’s iOS 7. One of the first things I did was check out the clock. On iOS 6 the click wasn’t live. Now on iOS 7 you notice the app show the time and the second-hand moving around. That wasn’t all that was new. Once entering the clock app you notice that who whole clock app is a lovely with color and it looks more rich in color. Your now able to see the analog clock along with digital version of it by just tapping on it. Finally, you’ll immediately notice it tells how far the time zones are from your current time zone. For example the default times are Los Angeles and New York. It says from the Eastern time zone it is three hours behind. If I add in Beijing it well tell me it’s the next day and they are 12 hours ahead.

The alarm part is slightly different but not by much. The background is a light grey and the times are a darker grey. Moving on to the stopwatch the background of it has two colors. The very top of it is white and the other half is grey. The buttons are now circle and colored differently than before. The Start Button is green and the Reset button is black. If you hit the start button you’ll notice it well go red afterwords.

Finally,we move on to the timer. On top of the screen you’ll notice it saying Timer. On the other version of the timer it didn’t say that. The timer looks the same way as the stopwatch with the start button being green and the pause button being grey. Once you tap the start button it well turn red and it’ll say cancel. The timer doesn’t have that old clock feeling on iOS 7 like it did on earlier version  It now looks more complete and not like a clock feeling.


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