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Google Glass Prescription Glass Spotted Leak Photo


Google seems to have the Google Glass has a new version coming soon to Explorers. The newest update is that hardware that allows explorers to use prescription glasses. Soon enough you’ll be able to trade in their old models for new ones. The image above is a leak picture. Since then Google did take down the photo off Google+ page this could be the real deal of the Glass prescription.

Take this a grain of salt because the photo itself doesn’t feature the latest earbud as seen in all other official shots of the new Glass. By looking at the photo it seems you simply just slide the arm of your glasses into Glass supposing that the arm is straight. This would mean that the nose bridge and other side arm re removable on the new Glass.

If you bought Glass before October 28th you are eligible to trade for the new version.  You’ll have 60 days to register once the swapping program opened.  You’ll  have the opportunity if you’re a Glass Explorer to invite three friends to join the Explorer program.

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Source: Pocket-lint | ubergizmo


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