Facebook feature Nearby Friends

Facebook new app update brings comment replies and more

Facebook feature Nearby Friends

Facebook has rolled out its new iOS app version 9.0. With this new update your able to

Wend's App

Wendy’s allows you to pay for your meal with its own mobile app

Wendy’s is known for its Frosty and square burgers is now allowing customers to pay for their meals with its mobile app. You can use the new feature on


Smash Hit


Smash Hit is an iOS game where you use marbles to shatter glass and crystals. This seems pretty simple but, it’s not. It’s actually harder than it sounds. If you collide with any object you lose ten of your marbles. If you hit the crystals you gain three extra marbles

ibettercharge Notification

What is iBetterCharge?

Are you sick of your iPhone,iPod or iPad battery dying and forgetting about it? Now you can remember when to charge your device with iBetterCharge. iBetterCharge allows you to pick


Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite is official



The Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite has been confirmed. This seven-inch tablet is running Android 4.2 Jellybean right out of the box. The Galaxy Tab3 has a display of only (1024 X 600)

Samsung Galaxy S4

Does Samsung Galaxy S5 finally have an event date


Last year we saw the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the most fastest bough phones but wasn’t what investors